Port Adelaide Pirates Soccer Club

Juniors & MiniRoos Terms and Conditions

  • Paying a minimum 50% deposit by the designated Registration Day ensures your child will be placed in a team. Failure to do so may result in your child's position in the team being offered to another child
  • Failing to pay fees in full by Kit Presentation may result in your child losing their position in their team.
  • Any alternative payment plan must be negotiated with our Junior Treasurer.
  • Any non-financial players from previous seasons will not be placed in teams for the current season and will not receive clearance to play at an alternative club.


Club Code of Conduct

Parent/Guardian Conduct

Parents/guardians are required to:

  • set an example to the players and to refrain from making any verbal comments to players, match officials, or to the players and supporters of the opposing team.
    • The club reserves the right to suspend or expel from the club any player, member, spectator or parent/guardian for failing to abide by the rules, regulations and/or codes of behaviour set out by the FSA (please see documents available for download below for further details).
  • have at least one parent/guardian to be in attendance at all times during all training sessions and games.
    • This requirement is a part of Port Adelaide Soccer Club Inc's duty of care which stems from the Child Protection Policy.
  • follow the instructions of the Ground Steward during games.
  • accept the coach's decision on placement and playing time within a team, and allocation of players to a team.
  • refrain from making coaching based instructions to players during a training session or on match day unless specifically asked to assist in an official coaching capacity by a Club Official.
  • assist in the running of the club by volunteering their services when requested.
  • refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol when attending junior games.

Parents/guardians agree to:

  • the taking of photos/videos of players for marketing and information purposes, and publication to our website and social media platforms.
    • Please notify the club in writing if you do not wish your child to participate.
  • the sharing of their email addresses and mobile telephone numbers with other parents in their child's team, in order to facilitate communication between them.
    • Please notify the club in writing if you do not wish this information to be shared.


Player Conduct

All players are required to:

  • be on time for training and matches.  If you are unable to attend, you must inform the team manager as soon as possible.
  • respect the coach and follow any and all instructions given.
  • respect their team mates and opposition teams and supporters and not engage in any verbal or physical abuse at any time
  • be responsible for their own belongings.  The club will not be responsible or held liable for any monetary loss or the loss of any possessions.
  • address the coach or team manager with any concern or problem.
  • be properly attired for all official games and functions.
  • report for state team duties if selected.
  • participate to the very best of their ability
  • be humble in victory and gracious in defeat
  • accept referees/officials decisions.  Arguing and/or remonstrating with them is unacceptable behaviour.
  • to not act in a verbal and/or physically intimidating manner toward opposition team members.  This is unacceptable behaviour.
  • shake hands/fist bump with their opponents at the conclusion of games.
  • be supportive and encouraging towards team mates at all times, and ensure all comments made are of a positive nature.
  • pay any fines imposed by Football SA for red/yellow cards accumulated.  Until such fines are paid the player will be ineligible to play.

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