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Club History

Club Titles

Port Adelaide Pirates tradition goes way back to 1903, making us the oldest surviving club from any capital city, and the oldest club in South Australia.

But, as can be expected with such a long rich history change, and the occasional upheaval, has been part of the landscape.

Here are some of the important events in our history...

Club formed as Woodville "British Football" Club

Frederick 'Ted' Salmon is credited with placing an advertisement in The Advertiser newspaper calling for interested players to form a club in the Port. Unfortunately, the advert appeared the day after the meeting was scheduled.

Name changed to Port Adelaide "British Football" Club

Because of an initial lack of support in the Port District, Ted established the club at Woodville Park. By 1905, Ted was finally able to persuade most of the Woodville players and committee to change the club name to Port Adelaide and move a short distance to Cheltenham (now the eastern end of the Cheltenham Cemetery)

Some members brake away to form Cheltenham Club

In 1911 and 1912, Port Adelaide won the league undefeated in both years. Despite this success the newspaper reported that "trouble among supporters and members followed these successes and several left to inaugurate the Cheltenham Club". Two years later in March 1914, the officials from both clubs met and agreed on an amalgamation.

Members leave to form Semaphore Club

Once again, a group of players left to form another nearby club. Semaphore was formed in 1923, but like Cheltenham lasted only two years before re-amalgamating.

Amalgamation with Port Thistle Club

At the end of the 1956 season, the Port Adelaide and Port Thistle clubs decide to amalgamate. That year, Port Adelaide had won promotion back to First Division while "Thistles" had narrowly missed out, finishing third. Despite the on-field success, both teams were finding it hard to operate independently. The vote was close and only happened with the casting vote of the Port Thistle chairman at the time, Dave Lawrie.

Amalgamation with USC Lion

In a time where district based clubs were finding it difficult to compete with the richer ethnic based clubs, the completion of the 1992 season saw an amalgamation brokered between Port Adelaide and the Ukrainian Community Club, USC Lion. The official name of the Club was changed to Port Adelaide Lion Soccer Club Inc, a.k.a. PALSC


USC Lion rebirth

USC Lion re-emerged in the South Australian Amateur Soccer League (SAASL) in 1997 and re-claimed the history of the original USC Lion club which created circa 1952. The 1993 merge between the two clubs was not impacted by this occurrence.


The Pirates

All teams under the PALSC umbrella began to play under the unofficial name of the 'Pirates'.


Return to Port Adelaide Soccer Club

On Tuesday 10th July 2018, life and financial members voted on a motion to change the official name of the club from Port Adelaide Lion Soccer Club Inc. to Port Adelaide Soccer Club Inc. With the move to the a facility at Taperoo on the horizon, name simplification was identified as the way to provide clarity of identity to members, external parties as well as current and potential sponsors.

A total of 65 votes were received. As per the constitution a two-thirds majority was required in order for the motion to be passed (44 votes). 49 persons voted in favour of the motion and 16 voted against. The motion was passed.

The Club Executive will now action the motion and work towards officially changing the name with a tentative date of 1st October 2018 identified.

The 'Pirates' nickname was not a part of the motion and will remain the moniker of the club.

Relocation to Taperoo

In September 2018, the Club moved to brand new purpose built facility named Taperoo Reserve in Taperoo. The first event was the Seniors Presentation Night held on Saturday 1 September. On Saturday 8 September at the new facility, The Club's Collegiate team secured promotion from Division 3 to Division 2 in their very season participating in the South Australian Collegiate Soccer League. On Sunday 9 September, an official club open day was held that saw the majority of MiniRoos and Juniors sides play a competitive fixture at Taperoo for the very first time.

Over 100 Years of the World Game in Port Adelaide

Many years of research has gone into Colin Alagich's (Snr) book "100 Years of the World Game in Port Adelaide", with the assistance of many people and their valuable input.

An updated version of this book "115 Years of the World Game in Port Adelaide" is now available and will be of interest to anyone who had a relative involved in the club's rich history as well as those who are currently creating the next historic chapters on and off the field. Interstate and overseas orders can be arranged by contacting the club.

State League 2 Premiers 2021

U18 NPL SA Champions 2015

U18 Cup Winners 2015

NPL State League Champions 2014

U18 State League Champions 2014

Premier League Reserves Final 5 Winners 2010

Premier League Reserves Final 5 Winners 2009

U19 Premier League Top 5 Challenge Winners 2008

U23 State League Champions 2005

U19 State League Champions 2005

U23 State League Champions 2004

U23 Cup Winners 2004

Premier League Minor Premiers 1999

U23 Cup winners 1999

Federation Cup Runners-up 1995

Premier League Minor Premiers 1994

U19 Champions 1994

2nd Division Champions 1988

2nd Division Champions 1979

Federation Cup Winners 1979

2nd Division Champions 1965

1st Division Champions 1964

2nd Division Champions 1961

2nd Division Champions 1956

Federation Cup Winners 1956

2nd Division Champions 1954

2nd Division Champions 1948

2nd Division Champions 1945

Federation Cup Winners 1939

2nd Division Champions 1937

1st Division Champions 1934

Federation Cup Winners 1933

Federation Cup Winners 1931

1st Division Champions 1927

1st Division Champions 1926

Federation Cup Winners 1912

1st Division Champions 1911

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